On the eve of a new decade, it is crucial to understand what the challenges of the real estate market will be. In order to effectively and agilely respond to the upcoming changes, we conducted a survey and qualitative research among a wide range of specialists.

"What will be the three biggest challenges of the real estate market in the coming decade?" This was the question asked to dozens of specialists in the real estate market in Poland. On the one hand, we wanted an open formula of answers. On the other hand, identifying the most important issues that will make their way into debates on the real estate market in the coming years.

The results obtained are a form of a barometer. We expected subjective answers, which gave us clues about what we see as the potential future of the market. Organizing several hundred answers required the development of a matrix. The first selection resulted in seven thematic categories: users (28.7%), economy (21.6%), technology (11.9%), housing (11%), ecology (9.6%), city (9, 3%) and law (7.7%). Almost every topic touched on several of them, but it was always possible to indicate the leading category for the statement. You are facing real estate market challenges. użytkownicy (28,7%), ekonomia (21,6%), technologia (11,9%), mieszkalnictwo (11%), ekologia (9,6%), miasto (9,3%) i prawo (7,7%). Niemal każdy poruszany wątek dotykał kilku z nich, ale zawsze możliwe było też wskazanie kategorii wiodącej dla wypowiedzi. Przed Państwem wyzwania rynku nieruchomości.

We asked dozens of industry specialists about the most important areas in their opinion. We took the seven most recurring themes as a basis and conducted seven in-depth analyzes around them.

Wyzwania rynku nieruchomości raport

Biggest challenges:

  1. Users – we are starting to pay attention to the changing needs of end users. The high pace of changes in our lifestyle means that we expect more and more flexibility both at work and at home.
  2. Economics – the Polish real estate market has learned to draw conclusions from the experience of its western neighbors and is preparing for another recession in the business cycle. At the same time, current problems remain important, which translate into the extension of the investment process and its costs.
  3. Technology - the real estate market has understood that it will not avoid the technological revolution. Building value based on new technologies is becoming a major challenge for a stable industry. At the same time, many statements touched on issues in the field of material progress, changes in construction and MEP, and the return to favor of prefabrication.
  4. Housing – apartments are increasingly purchased as an investment, creating a dispersed rental market. The increase in prices and the declining supply thus limit the availability of housing for people with average and lower incomes. In addition, investment funds planning entire housing estates for rent are starting to be interested in the housing market.
  5. Ecology - the end of the past decade and the announcement of the climate crisis changed the perspective of perceiving ecological issues. Certification is not enough anymore. Today, building users pay attention to the amount of construction waste and the carbon footprint of buildings, which requires far-reaching changes in construction.
  6. Law - construction law, problems of spatial planning and announcements of significant changes. Experts' statements show the need for clear and transparent regulations. The real estate market is not hampered by legal restrictions, but by the lack of transparency and risk assessment.
  7. City - residents expect to live in well-managed cities. They pay attention to whether they are surrounded by greenery and attractive public space. Further sprawl of cities will be too great a public cost for us - so we must build more densely, intensively and higher. In exchange for some concessions, we will expect a higher quality of life in the city.

Workshops: Challenges of the Real Estate Market

We invite you to workshops that focus on the development of a selected real estate market challenge. Workshops can occur in one of two selected models:

  • Model 1: Presentation of the conclusions from the Real Estate Challenges report + brainstorm with your team about the challenges in the context of your business.
  • Model 2: Detailed discussion of one of the 6 issues (user needs, technological challenges, rental market, aging society, multi-functionality of buildings, ecology in the real estate market) and discussion of the consequences of the indicated challenge in the context of your business.

The result of the workshop will be a detailed knowledge of the biggest challenges of the real estate market in the area of social, economic and technological changes and depending on the model:

  • Full mapping of the challenges your real estate business faces at the beginning of the new decade.
  • Specific answers to the challenge that you feel most affects the characteristics of your real estate activity.
Wyzwania rynku nieruchomości raport